Top 3 Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early With a Bonus Tip

Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early

The horror of delayed periods happen to everyone with a uterus. More so if you are sexually active and aren’t expecting a good news. From home remedies to sleeping position to get periods early, we want to try all possible ways to get the flow. So, like similar tips and tricks on getting this right, today I will tell you ways to sleep to induce periods.

Periods are associated with:

  • headaches
  • food cravings
  • sore breasts
  • pelvic cramping
  • abdominal pain
  • irritability
  • a feeling of wetness
  • disturbed sleep
  • mood swings

It is never a pleasant experience as it comes with a range of side effects due to change of hormones.

Nobody enjoys ‘that time of the month’. But a normal cycle is a sign that your reproductive health is perfect. It indicates that there is no imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in your body.

So, as much as you hate your periods, nothing’s more stressful than a missed period.

There are many things people do to get periods early. Some even consume medicines to get periods overnight.

The best part? Sleeping in specific positions is one of the simplest solutions that has zero side effects. Let us check them out alongside the best bonus tip!

Why do I have irregular periods

Before knowing the sleeping position to get regular periods, you must find out why your period is getting delayed. When you get your period late (by a week or more) almost every month, it could be because of an unhealthy lifestyle or some ailments.

Here are some common causes that can be accountable for your delayed period:


The body secretes cortisol hormone when a person feels stressed. This hormone acts as a causative agent of hormonal imbalance.

It will disrupt your menstrual cycle if you constantly remain under stress.

To reduce stress and get regular periods, you can practice yoga and meditation.

Birth control medicines

Do you often take emergency birth control pills? It’s because of these medicines that you cannot keep track of your period.

There are side effects of consuming contraceptive pills. They alter the progesterone and estrogen hormone levels in the female body. So, they directly impact your menstrual cycle.


PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome stops ovaries from functioning normally. Obesity, depression, loss of hair, unwanted hair growth, oily skin, acne, infertility, etc. are symptoms of PCOS.

If your gynecologist has diagnosed you with PCOS, getting irregular periods is common. Exercise, a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight are three things you must do to keep PCOS in check.


People who drink or smoke regularly have to deal with irregular periods. Several studies (1) have proved that smoking shortens the menstrual cycle’s luteal phase.

So, there will be variations in the length of your cycle. If you want a normal cycle, you should quit drinking and smoking. Besides, there’s no denying that they ruin your overall health.

Hormonal imbalance

Stress is not the only factor that causes hormonal imbalance. It can also be because of sudden weight gain or weight loss. The hormonal imbalance is perhaps due to drastic fluctuations in your body weight.

For normal hormonal secretion, you should also make sure your body gets enough rest.

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency can often lead to missed periods. If your body does not get enough iron, you will experience irregular periods, mild bleeding, or heavy bleeding.

Other diseases that may affect your cycle are diabetes and thyroid. That’s because the antibiotics you take can disrupt your body’s hormonal balance. You should book an appointment with an accomplished doctor for guidance.

Best sleeping position to get periods early

It might seem weird that sleeping position to get periods early exist, but it is worth giving a try. Let us see what those are and why they work:

The fetal position

Do you prefer sleeping on your stomach or your back? It will not help you in getting periods soon.

Instead, roll to your side and sleep with the legs and arms tucked in. This sleeping position is perfect to prevent your periods from getting delayed. It is called the fetal position as it resembles the way a fetus sleeps in its mother’s womb.

Doctors recommend this sleeping posture to women who are frustrated with irregular or late periods. It is a perfect sleeping position to get periods early as relaxes the abdominal muscles.

How will it help if you sleep in a curled-up manner? Studies (2) have revealed that when there is no pressure on the abdominal muscles, your period is more likely to happen on time.

Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early

With a comfy pillow under the knees

A round pillow is all you require to sleep in this position.

First, take a soft head pillow and lie down on the back.

Place a round pillow under the knees.

Keep the legs straight, neither lower nor higher in height. In this position, the blood circulation in your abdomen and lower body will improve.

What to do if there is no round pillow in your home? You can take a clean bath towel or a bedsheet and roll it.

Place it uniformly under both knees. You will be at ease and your abdominal muscles will feel no pressure.

As an outcome, the chances of getting your periods faster will be higher.

Child pose

If you have never slept in a child pose, you may feel weird initially. But it is an excellent yoga pose that speeds up the menstrual cycle.

Many women sleep in this position for its obvious benefits. It is a pose that will let soothe you and let you sleep peacefully.

When you can keep stress at bay and sleep relaxingly, your periods won’t get delayed.

No wonder it is an acceptable sleeping position to get periods early. This is a great pose even during your periods. It gives relief from headaches and period cramps.

As your period approaches, sleeping comfortably for long hours is necessary. If you toss and turn in bed all night, your periods will get delayed because you are anxious.

So, what matters the most is for you to get adequate sleep. The best position for you depends on your preference and sleeping habits. If you are uncomfortable sleeping in any of the recommended poses, lie down in a position that works for you.

Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early

What is a natural method to get periods overnight?

Certain remedies can prepone your menstrual cycle.

Wondering how to get your period overnight? Here’s a trick you must try:

The warm touch

Press a heated water bottle or a warm compressor to your abdomen and sleep on your side. Heat has a relaxing effect on the abdominal muscles. It increases the area’s blood circulation, thus accelerating your menstrual cycle gently.

So, if you go to bed with a warm compressor, you might get your period at night or within 24 hours.

Warm bath

Taking a warm bath before sleeping is a great idea. It will instantly relieve the tight muscles and bid adieu to emotional stress.

Say bye bye to stress

You will get your periods early when you aren’t under stress . While it is hard to maintain in 2023, you can always try to keep yourself calm.

Sleeping position during period to reduce cramps

Many women find it difficult to sleep properly when they are bleeding. It could be because of wetness or pain in the lower body. Another reason to have interrupted sleep is the fear of leakage.

The first thing that you need is sufficient overnight protection to prevent leakage. As far as cramps are concerned, you should sleep in the fetal position. It will soothe your abdominal muscles. When the skeletal muscles surrounding the abdomen get to relax, the pain will be less.

Is there any position you should avoid?

As per gynecologists, sleeping face-down during periods will lead to heavy flows. When you sleep on your belly, you end up squeezing your uterus. So, it will release more blood.

Applying a heating pad on the abdomen will reduce the intensity of the pain and promote good sleep.

How to get your period in one hour

I don’t know what is your rush, but there can be times when you want to know how to get periods in one hour.

You might want to take an off at work or skip gym, no matter what the reason is click here to get all the help you need!

Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early

Foods to eat to get your period fast

Along with trying the sleeping positions to get periods early you can also alter your diet when you see a delay.

Grandmothers opine that consuming warm foods is a simple way of getting your period on time. There is no scientific evidence to back up this kind of theory. But there’s no harm in having the following food items:


Jaggery is a food item that has a hot nature. Indigenous people rely on it to get their periods quickly. You too should include jaggery in your diet if you want to regulate your periods. Its hot nature will make sure your menstrual cycle is on time. It tastes sweet and you can drink jaggery tea. In place of sugar, just add jaggery powder to your regular tea and drink it while it’s warm.


A yummy fruit, papaya is famous for its liver-friendly properties. People suffering from digestive problems should have it regularly. But it can also do wonders when it comes to bringing your period fast.

Papaya is loaded with carotene compounds. It increases the body’s secretion of a female hormone, estrogen. Have a bowl of ripe papaya for 3 consecutive days and your periods won’t get delayed.


Spices can induce your menstrual cycle as they keep the body warm. Some of the spices you must consume are black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, ajwain seeds, and cardamom. These spices will also enhance the taste of your meals.

Consuming them is easy as you won’t have to eat them raw. Add them to your soups, gravies, and fried food.


Parsley contains myristicin and apiol compounds. These two compounds do a great job of stimulating uterine contractions. So, it is a popular food that can bring periods before your date.

Wondering how to have it? Take some parsley leaves and rinse thoroughly. Boil the leaves in water and drink for 2-3 days.

Bonus tip: Can someone knock your period on

Can someone knock your period on is a recurring question that many people have in mind. What do experts have to say about it?

Having intercourse can kickstart your period. Yes, it can trigger your cycle but only under certain circumstances. This technique works if the start date of your cycle is approaching, and not at other times.

If you notice bleeding during/after having sex, there can be other reasons.

Is your period date not close and yet you noticed some bleeding? It can be because of vaginal tears, ovulation, or vaginal infections.

Bleeding might happen if you have a sexually transmitted infection. Don’t neglect it and visit your doctor to rule out complications.

Final thoughts

The sleeping position to get your periods early will help you quicken your cycle. Following the above-mentioned guidelines will be helpful if you want to get your periods quickly.

The best thing about trying sleeping positions and relying on home remedies is that they don’t harm your body. On the other hand, taking pills frequently to regulate periods will have adverse effects like blood clots, weight gain, nausea, and more.

Is there still no sign of your period after a week? Consulting a doctor is the wisest thing to do in this situation. Your gynae will examine you to accurate detect your condition and guide you towards appropriate treatments.


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