Why Does My Hair Curl at the Ends: Reasons and Solutions

Why Does My Hair Curl At The Ends: Reasons & Solutions

Curly or straight, blond or jet black, our hair plays a part to express our personality and sense of style. But many times we don’t want our natural hair to be the way it is. For instance, you might want to know why does my hair curl at the ends because you want it to be straight. Again, running your hair through an iron every day is not the type of treatment your hair to go through.

Well, you are not the only one wondering this. While some women love their natural curls, some curls are simply not natural. Also, these curls can be the result of anomaly or deficiency that probably needs your attention.

For example, I wasn’t born with natural curls and it made me wonder why does my straight hair curl at the ends. But when I researched, I found out it was a sign of hair deterioration.

If you have wavy hair that curl up at the ends, you might have what I had as well. You might also find it shrink and twist after straightening it with an straightener. The worst part about having little twirls at the end of your tresses is having hairstyle that look unkempt.

All of the above give you enough reasons to find out the exact reasons behind this condition. Of course, I won’t just elaborate on the problems and then leave you hanging. I will also tell you how I fixed my problem so that you can fix yours!

Why does my hair curl at the ends

Here are some legit answers addressing the elephant in the room, “why does my hair only curl at the ends?”

Effect of genetics

This is the one reason that we pick to usually justify many of our flaws. It’s a convenient option and it absolves us of any wrong practices we might be following, isn’t it? But in the case of your hair curling up at the ends, this reason is not only concrete but also frequent.

We all know that it is scientifically proven that our genetics influence the keratin structure of our hair. This is what eventually shapes our hair type, texture and shape.

Hence, if there are multiple members in your family who have curly hair, especially female members, then you have one answer to the question why does my hair curl at the ends. However, one thing that you need to know here is that genetics can only be one of the many reasons behind this issue.

Why Does My Hair Curl At The Ends: Reasons & Solutions

Lack of a balanced diet

Yet another reason behind many of our health issues as well, diet has to be the second reason to feature here. While most of us focus on using expensive hair products to improve the appeal and quality of our hair, we tend to forget the importance of diet. Owing to our hectic schedules, we usually don’t find the time to focus on having a nutritious and balanced diet. This leads to many issues, out of which one is hair loss and then there is curling up of hair.

Hence, you must focus on having sufficient nutrients, proteins, biotins, vitamins and minerals. Because all of these are essential for healthy hair growth. Also, make sure that you consult a nutritionist or a dietician before changing your diet drastically. This can also impact your hair in the form of hair loss, sudden curling up of hair or even receding hairline. Hence, you can avoid wondering why does my hair curl at the ends simply by focusing more minutely on your diet.

High-stress levels

Too much stress or distress can harm not just your hair but also your skin, digestive system and even internal organs, for that matter. But since we are talking about your hair, stress can cause hair breakage, and greying of hair and it can reduce your hair volume. Reduction in hair volume almost always leads to your hair curling up at the bottom because the weight from that part of your hair vanishes first.

So, now you know that apart from blaming your genes, this is one arena where you have complete control. Your stress level is in your hands and you must take precautions to reduce your stress. You can practice yoga, brisk walking, listen to music or pursue your hobbies to reduce your stress level.

Climate changes

With our schedules, we usually try to fit in a lot of travel. Now, travelling to different places entails travelling to places with varying climatic conditions. This is yet another reason that directly impacts your hair. Most of us must have noticed that our hair tends to curl up in humid climates. However, the very same tresses transition into jet-straight hair in dry climates.

Well, like it or not, that’s one way in which climate can sway the shape of your hair in whichever way it wants! However, what you can do is apply natural products to keep the quality of your hair superior. Some home ingredients that can nourish your hair include yoghurt, onion, eggs and many more. All you need to do is whip up a concoction of some of these ingredients and apply it to your hair. Wash it out with shampoo and voila! You have healthy hair.

Hormonal changes

A reason that’s beyond our control. However, it does impact, any aspects of your health. So hormonal changes can happen at puberty or during pregnancy. This is when your hair can often act out in the form of breakage or frizziness. Or the very dreaded yet discussed question i.e. why does my hair only curl at the ends.

However, the best way to handle this issue is to consult your doctor. A simple course of medicine can set your hormonal clock ticking well! And then you can focus on rejuvenation of your hair!

Self-made reasons that curl up your locks

All the reasons that we have mentioned so far are natural. But here we bring to you completely self-induced reasons.

Confused? Well, don’t be. While you might not notice your actions closely, many of them are directly hampering your beautiful hair.

Using cosmetic and electronic hair products

This happens to be one of the most common and obvious reasons behind the curling up of the bottom of your hair. Why, you wonder? Well, it is because, in today’s date and age, there is no dearth of cosmetic and electronic hair styling products.

From hair straighteners to curling iron, drying hoods to hot air brushes, the list of electronic items for your hair is endless. Add to this the list of cosmetic products such as serums, shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays. Yet again the list simply doesn’t end.

One thing that most of us don’t realize is that these cosmetics products are full of chemicals. They do more harm than any good. So, the next time you have a party, try giving your hair a natural look instead of torturing it with extreme heat or serum!

The best part is with a natural look, you can finally stop wondering why does my hair curl up at the ends.

Why Does My Hair Curl At The Ends

Incorrect hair routine

We all follow a schedule of hair care. For some of us, this is a daily schedule whereas for others it is weekly. Some usual activities that must be part of your hair care regime are oiling, conditioning, hydrating and so on.

Not only is it important to give enough time to each of these processes but it is essential that you do it regularly. Missing a proper and healthy hair care regime indicates that your hair is being deprived of its much-needed food.

Hence you must allot a few hours every week to the activities we mentioned above. Also, you must include other tasks like detangling, moisturising and sealing. All of this will only make your hair look more natural and healthy. It will also lend a natural shine to your mane.

Getting the wrong haircut

Sometimes in an excitement to get a new look, we end up choosing the wrong haircut. This makes our hair frizzy thus leading to damage. Also, some haircuts just ruin the shape and structure of your hair. As a result, when your hair starts growing after the haircut, it seems as if it is all over the place! Once again, extremely important here to ensure that you think of haircuts that don’t involve too much jazz in terms of shape. This way you can keep up the quality of your hair and avoid wondering why your hair is curling up.

The solution to curling of your hair tips

Get the correct cut

Well, as we said, the wrong haircut can go a long way in spoiling your hair quality. Hence, consult your hair stylist and let them know about your hair type and all the nitty gritty that you know you must, Basis on your preference and the stylist’s advice, you can probably decide on a haircut or look that will suit you and enhance your hair quality. This way, you avoid spoiling your hair and you don’t have to deal with annoying end curls.

Comprehensive hair care routine

Again, no matter how hectic your schedule is, you must take at least an hour out every day and just take care of your hair. Ensure to oil them well. You can also consult your doctor and get some medicinal or even organic hair care products prescribed for yourself. These products are usually low on chemicals and help in keeping up the quality of your beautiful hair.

Have a balanced diet

You must focus on eating healthy food. Not just healthy but also balanced food. The inclusion of multiple nutrients, vitamins goes a long way in making your hair healthy. Some food items that you must include in your daily diet for healthy hair are gooseberry, seasonal fruits, leafy vegetables and yoghurt.

Regular trimming

Trimming your hair once every 3-4 weeks is a healthy practice you can start. It helps you eliminate split ends thus avoiding curling up of your hair at the bottom. This also ensures that your hair tips don’t look dull and adds an overall shine to your locks.

Moisturize regularly

The best and most natural product to moisturise your hair is virgin coconut oil. It is devoid of any chemicals and adds maximum nutrition to your mane. To rinse your hair after a good oiling session, you can always go for moisturising shampoo and conditioner. This will ensure that hair is strong at its root and doesn’t become brittle.

Why does my straight hair curl at the ends

While your wavy or straight hair can curl up for many different reasons, it is usually quite unnatural for jet-straight hair to curl up all of a sudden. However, behind this too there are many reasons. Needless to say, most of these reasons are our own doing.

So here are a few things that you can probably avoid and ensure that your straight hair doesn’t curl up spookily:

Air/Blow Drying

This can disbalance the temperature of your hair and thus cause your hair to curl up suddenly. This happens especially when you use high heat in your dryer on wet hair right after a head bath.

Disbalance in hair moisture

As we said, don’t forget to moisturize your hair regularly. While you might not realize it, your hair needs just as much moisture balance as your skin!

Using cotton pillowcase

Most of us don’t know but our hair has some natural oil of its own. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can lead to the absorption of these essential oils from our scalps. This can cause your straight hair to become wavy or curly and also the other way around.

Final thoughts

So, with all this knowledge right at your disposal, jot down your actionable. To begin with, a daily hair care regime is mandatory. And then of course there are the unforgettable like moisturizing, healthy eating and avoiding just about anything that’s not going to be friendly to those lively locks of yours!

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