Why Titan Watches Are The Titan Of The Watch Industry

By bringing crystal innovation and Foreign designs to the Indian mass market, top-tier Indian watchmaker Titan Watches helped shift the industry’s paradigm. Titan is committed to offering its consumers high-quality, reasonably priced watches that act as a light for their imagination.

But what is the background of the brand? Let’s take a tour along their enlightening road to becoming India’s top personal lifestyle icon.

An analysis of the Tata Press, where the idea for Titan Watches was conceived prior to the 1980s. To introduce Titan Watches to the marketplace, Tata Industries and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) formed a partnership in June 1984. Titan’s clock never stopped after that. The Titan name was first made known to the public in March of 1987 after production got underway in 1986. The Indian watch industry saw a sea change with the launch of electronic Quartz watches, and the brand gained popularity swiftly. This made it possible to use it on other items like wristbands, casings, electrical parts, and step motors. Timex is presently the second most popular watch brand in the world, right behind Titan. It was created as a result of a brief relationship that lasted from 1992 to 1998. After the partnership came to an end, Titan watches released Sonata and reclaimed their initial stake.

What Methodology Did They Use To Reach The Public?

The Titan Watch Project transformed over the course of more than three decades into Titan Watches, Titan Technologies, and ultimately Titan Company Limited. In addition to new inventions and enhancements to the manufacturing process, every year of supply that exceeded 15 million units saw increased output. Titan is one of the biggest timepiece manufacturers in the world, having sold over 150 million watches in 32 nations since joining the European market in 1993.  The business acquired 50% of the organized watch industry in an extraordinary bid to compete with the Swiss Titan, making it the largest comprehensive own-brand manufacturer of watches in the world. The publication of Raga in 1992 also caused them to turn their attention to the female market. They began to pay particular attention to ethnic clothing worn by ladies. A logical progression was moving into TV commercials, which resulted in their first TV commercial featuring Mozart and music range.

What was altered in 2008? Titan watches was the market leader in the watch industry, but since only one watch accounted for 9% of the market, they were concerned about losing their competitive edge. As a result, they introduced the Titan Aviator Series. This provided the brand with a new viewpoint.

The business entered the jewellery market in 1993, establishing the Tanishq label in 1996, and Gold plus, a standardized strategy for mass marketing jewels, a decade later. With the introduction of the thinnest watch in the world, measuring 3.5mm in thickness, in 2002, specialization was further strengthened. The business introduced Fastrack, a vibrant and upbeat watch and accessories label, in 2003. The year 2004 was a turning point for the company since it used its line Titan Raga to advocate for women long before it was trendy to do so. Precision Engineering was introduced in 2005, while the Titan Eyeglasses Division, a project to create speciality storefronts for prescription eyewear, was introduced in 2007.

In addition to honouring the brand’s rich history, it also highlighted local struggles. All of the earnings from the sale of the watch were donated to help the victims of the 26/11 tragedy as part of the Titan Eternal Mumbai Collection’s debut. Titan created limited-edition watches in tribute to legendary figures like Lata Mangeshkar, M. S. Dhoni, Abdul Kalam, and Kalpana Chawla, to mention a few. They also brought back some of its most recognizable watches in addition to this. Customers were persuaded by extras like candy and glitzy packaging to encourage and respect such extravagant spending in exchange for a period of free service.

What’s special about Titan?

Titan has consistently been a well-known brand because of its adaptability. They have timepieces that match your own style, from workplace to fashionable watches to timepieces that give you an adrenaline rush. Titan watches used to be the most popular option for holiday gifting. One of the most recognized of all of their advertising, which served as templates to encourage buying for special occasions, was the Titan Nebula. The Titan company, which is renowned for its lavish pieces motivated by India, is famed for its Nebula line, which is its centrepiece. Each and every Nebula watch honours the diverse cultural history of India, including its artwork, design, and style.

In 2011, Titan unveiled its Mia collection, which features stunning yet cost-effective jewelry with a modern, urban aesthetic that is geared toward working women. All of Mia’s more than 500 designs are made of 14-karat gold. They also dabbled in men’s wallets and belts. With the release of SKINN in 2013, Titan invaded the perfume business. Since then, the Indian fragrance industry has come to associate SKINN with quality. In order to offer clients gorgeous jewels and a distinctive shopping experience in keeping with contemporary values and tastes, Tanishq bought CaratLane in 2016. Exactly five years had passed since Titan purchased the Swiss watch firm Favre-Leuba in 2011, which was well-known in India throughout the 1960s and 1970s. At the same time, the company also produced automatic watches.


Due to its consistent stream of cutting-edge new sets that speak to the many facets of essential human urges for personality, Titan relishes a stranglehold on the domestic professional watch sector and controls over 60% of the market dominance.

Titan was around when people relied on recruiting advertisements. Titan’s Zoop Collection was there for you whenever you needed someone to nurture your childhood memories. Titan existed when we were in the era of table clocks. Titan was around when you wanted a Ferrari for your wrists. Titan was there when demonstrated relationships were essential to developing a brand.

So buy titan watches today to be a part of the historical legacy of fabulously stylish watches today!

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