Henna Brows: The Best Way to Naturally Beautify Your Eyebrows

henna brows

The trend of having henna brows has taken our world by storm and it is only natural to feel tempted to tint your brows for a change.

The fun part?

Henna is a customizable, pigmented, beneficial, and stays longer than other brow treatments.

Thinking of altering the color of your brows for the upcoming festive season?

Want to know more about this fabulous brow treatment before making up your mind? Find out everything about applying henna on your brows, its advantages, and longevity.

What are henna brows?

Henna has existed for thousands of people. It is a plant-based dye that originated in Eastern European, Southern Asian, and South countries. People use it to dye their hair and draw mehndi designs on their hands.

Indian weddings are incomplete without decorative floral mehndi patterns on hands and legs. Because of its medicinal properties, henna secured its place in the West as well.

henna on hand

It is people’s reliable pick to dye their hair, as it’s undoubtedly better than synthetic colors. So, it wasn’t long before the skin-staining and hair-dying qualities of henna posed effective even for eyebrows.

So, now henna is used to color eyebrows as well. It is among the latest eyebrow services that have made their place in beauty salon brochures around the globe.

So, Henna Brows is a method of tinting eyebrows. It stains the hair and the skin to give the appearance of fuller and thicker eyebrows.

How is a henna dye for eyebrows prepared?

Henna is available in the form of powder. This all-natural product that comes from the leaves of the henna tree. First, henna leaves are dried and crushed to derive the powder.

This gentle dye is devoid of lead or ammonia.

Benefits of henna brows

There are some wonderful benefits of applying henna to your brows:

1. Natural ingredients

Henna can naturally color your eyebrows. It is a vegan dye with no chemicals, thus nurturing your skin.

2. Long-lasting

Henna lasts as long as conventional brow treatments. Your brows will look nice for weeks and the maintenance is easy.

3. Great for sparse or thin brows

There’s no reason to worry if you don’t have full eyebrows. Henna creates the illusion of definition and shape. It does not just color but also encourages hair growth. So, frequent application of henna will give you thicker eyebrows.

4. Less allergic

Unlike other coloring dyes for eyebrows, henna does not need hydrogen peroxide to get activated. So, you can confidently say yes to henna brows if you have peroxide allergies.

5. Pain-free procedure

Treatments like eyebrow tattooing or microblading can be painful. They use needles to make cuts on your delicate facial skin. If you don’t want to go through such pain, henna brows are a pain-free alternative.

Why should you rely on henna to enhance the beauty of your brows?

When it comes to your brows, there is a range of treatments. From permanent tattooing to microblading to eyebrow lamination – the options are bounty.

But most of these procedures are either invasive or use harsh chemicals. The delicate skin on your face might suffer in the long run if you opt for brow enhancement surgery or some chemical treatment.

henna brows vs surgery

With henna, you won’t have to worry about such issues. It is a fantastic natural way to give a long-lasting shape and color to your brows without damaging them. Free from chemicals, the goodness of henna will not cause any harm to sensitive skin. So, there’s no denying that it is better than traditional tinting techniques.

Are you unsure how henna looks on your eyebrows? See some before and after henna brows pics to know what to expect.

How is brow henna different from brow tinting?

Both henna and chemical-based brow tints will give you fuller-looking eyebrows. The key difference is that the results of henna will last longer. That’s because brow tints only color the eyebrow hairs. Henna, on the other hand, will stain the skin beneath your brow hairs.

So, naturally, the type of look you get will also differ. Henna adds extra definition and depth. This makes henna more appropriate for people with sparse brows.

The process of achieving henna eyebrows

Staining your eyebrows with henna will be an uncomplicated and quick procedure. But you should still rely on a professional and experienced aesthetician to achieve perfection. The process is similar to regular brow tinting practices.

This is what will happen on the day of your appointment:

Step 1: Brow shaping

Like other eyebrow treatments, the first step is to shape the eyebrows. Waxing, tweezing, and threading are the three techniques adopted by professionals to shape eyebrows.

Step 2: Brow exfoliating

Brow exfoliation is a mandatory step to make sure your brows hold the color. Exfoliating the skin surrounding and beneath the brows will eliminate dirt, makeup residue, and oils. So, the surface will become smooth and ready to absorb the rich color of the henna.

Step 3: Outlining the eyebrows

Henna brows give you the opportunity to modify the shape of your brows. If your natural browline is thin, applying the henna paste slightly outside the browline is a cool hack. A professional makeup artist can adjust angles, heighten the eyebrows’ arch, and add thickness.

So, you must discuss beforehand to be clear about what shape you have in mind. The beautician will draw the outline and proceed only after your approval.

Step 4: Applying henna

Your aesthetician will prepare a paste by mixing water with the henna powder. This step is necessary to activate the product before the application. The expert will apply the paste on your brows with the help of an angled brush. She will ensure the henna covers the bare skin in areas that have fewer hairs. She will get rid of the excess product from the edges and allow the dye to sit around for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5: Cleaning up

After 15-20 minutes, the beautician will remove the henna with a moist cotton pad. She will hand you a mirror to have a look at the finished brows.

How long do henna brows last?

Wondering how long does henna brows last?

The color of your skin will fade within two weeks. But the brows will remain tinted for 5-6 weeks.

Its longevity depends on your skin type. Henna stays longer on the brows of people with dry skin than for women who have oily skin.

So, what will be the conditions of your henna brows after 2 weeks?

They will still have a gorgeous hue. You can even extend the effects by following an aftercare routine. Scroll down and you’ll find some useful tips.

Aftercare tips to retain the color of henna on your brows

Paying attention to brow aftercare is crucial after you’ve spent money on henna brows.

Here are some tips shared by the leading makeup artists:

  • Your eyebrows should not come in contact with water for at least 48 hours after the completion of the treatment
  • Refrain from washing your face multiple times a day as the color will fade quicker
  • Do not use makeup remover for a day following your parlor appointment
  • You can use a makeup remover afterward, but it must be oil-free
  • It is better to stay away from swimming, working out at the gym, or any kind of strenuous activity that causes sweating
  • Direct exposure to the sun for 24 hours can have adverse effects
  • If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, be careful
  • Don’t run around or near the eyebrows

How to choose the right shade of henna for your brows?

Choosing a shade of henna that complements your skin tone is crucial. It will give you an affordable makeover and make you feel confident. Keep the following points in mind when selecting a tint shade for your brows:

Hair structure

Everyone knows that fine hair absorbs less paint than porous hair. But did someone tell you that the structure of your brow hair can also play a role?

If the hairs are unruly and they don’t go upward naturally, there’ll be gaps you need to fill. Observing this will make it easy for you to finalize a color.

The thickness of your brow hair

You have to look at the amount of hair you have on your brows. That’s because the brow henna will die not just your hair but also the skin beneath it.

If someone’s eyebrows are naturally full, choosing a dark henna shade will make the eyes appear too loud. So, remember that how dark the henna’s color turns out will also depend on the fullness of the brows.

Your complexion and skin type.

Matching the henna shade only with the actual color of your eyebrows won’t suffice. You should also consider your skin tone. For instance, blonde eyebrows won’t look great on dark skin. Similarly, black henna isn’t the standard choice for light skin.

The type of your skin is another deciding factor. Brow henna’s results will be more intense on dry skin as the color picks up well. But it won’t look as gorgeous on oily skin. There is no such thing as bad henna brows.

Six alluring henna shades for your brows

When it comes to coloring their brows, most women pick one of these lovely shades:


Honey-colored eyebrows are for women with light skin and light brows. If your skin has warm undertones, a shade like honey will make your brows more attractive.


Hazelnut is a shade known for its warm undertone. Hence, this color will look charismatic on women with green eyes or a warm undertone. Check out henna brows before and after photos to have some idea about how your brows will look.

Ash Brown

As the name suggests, Ash Brown is a dark shade with a cool and ashy effect. It is suitable for dark and tinted skin. If you think it is too light, lighten it with the help of Natural Brown or Raven.

Natural Brown

Many women prefer natural-looking brows. So, natural brown henna brows will look superb on your medium/light skin. It is one of the most common shades and looks good on all. The color is so soothing that mixing it with another shade won’t be necessary.


An elegant blonde-brown color, taupe is ideal for medium and light skin. You can mix a little bit of Ash Brown with Taupe to come up with a unique shade.


Raven is a dark shade for dark skin. You can mix any light shade with it to tone down Raven’s darkness slightly. But Raven will still be the dominating shade in such a combination.

Should you consult a brow specialist for henna brows?

So, now you know that there are several things to consider before deciding if henna brows are meant for you. Taking the help of a brow specialist will be wise as you cannot afford to take any risks with your face.

Final thoughts

Are you ready to amp up your brow game and transform the look of your face? Then henna brows are just what you need to make heads turn. So, will you go with the shade honey or natural brown? With so many pretty colors, picking the perfect shade for your beautiful brows won’t be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is henna brows better than microblading?

There are two reasons why henna-dyed brows are better than fuller brows achieved through microblading. Microblading is expensive but henna eyebrows are affordable. While microblading can have adverse effects on your skin, henna won’t.

2. How long does henna eyebrows last?

How long your henna brows will last depend on how you can maintain them. Ideally, your eyebrows should remain colored for at least a month if the henna is applied properly.

3. Is it OK to use henna on eyebrows?

It is not just safe but also beneficial to tint your eyebrows using natural dyes like henna. It is a long-lasting treatment that beautifully fills in the gaps in thin eyebrows.

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