Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Skin, Beauty, and Wellness

Apple cider vinegar benefits for skin 

Do you know what apple cider vinegar is? Is yes, then you will be happy to know that people apple cider vinegar benefits for skin, as much for health and weight loss.

In this modern world, everyone is trying to cope up with the stress and anxiety that comes with their daily lifestyle. This hectic and stressful lifestyle takes a heavy toll on our body and health. Thus, people are conscious more about wellbeing than ever before.

More and more people research and add ingredients in their kitchen to promote physical wellness. One such wonder ingredient is apple cider vinegar.

If one drinks apple cider vinegar daily in a measured way, he will get innumerable health benefits from it.

One also needs to consider the fact that ACV is beneficial only when one drinks it in a measured amount. If one drinks this natural tonic in a large amount, then he will be unable to reap the advantages of ACV.

Well, here we majorly focus on the apple cider vinegar benefits for skin, as it’s all about loving yourself!

What is apple cider vinegar?

The name apple cider vinegar already gives cues to what the product is made of.

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is nothing but a form of vinegar which is made from fermented from apple juice.

To prepare this natural tonic, one first needs to squeeze apples to extract the juice from it.

Now to start the fermented process, bacteria and yeast are added with this extracted juice.

What the yeast does is nothing but transform the sugar present in apple juice into alcohol.

The added bacteria then must ferment the alcohol, which was converted from the sugar. So the bacteria ferment the alcohol into acetic acid, and now the apple cider vinegar is ready to be used.

Five percent to six percent of the apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. One need not worry as acetic acid is labelled as ‘weak acid’. ACV also contains traces of other acids like malic acid.

ACV has antifungal properties due to which apple cider vinegar benefits for skin. The strong flavor of ACV is mainly because of the presence of acetic acid in it as its major component.

Again, if one consumes ACV in large amount, then the acetic acid concentration will increase in the body.

It may lead to causing several harmful side effects on your body. So to seize the apple cider vinegar benefits for skin and health, one needs to consume it in a measured amount.

Apple cider vinegar benefits for skin 

How to take apple cider vinegar?

As mentioned earlier, one should consume apple cider vinegar in a measured amount.

One should dilute the ACV with water before consuming it. The ideal amount of ACV to be consumed is generally 20 ml.

One should dilute this 20ml or one teaspoon of ACV with at least eight ounces of water.

The water should be warm to reap the utmost benefits of ACV. One can also use ACV directly into cooking.

Many dishes require ACV as a part of cooking to enhance the taste of the prepared dish.

What is apple cider vinegar with the mother?

ACV has another famous version which is popularly known as apple cider vinegar with the mother.

When it comes ‘with the mother’ is represents an unfiltered version of ACV. As it is an unfiltered version, it has a cloudy texture. That means the solution is less clear than the original ACV that we know.

The solution texture is cloudy, mainly because the remaining yeast and bacteria are present in it.

The unfiltered version of ACV has its benefits. The probiotics present in ACV with the mother helps in better digestion of food and also improves immunity.

What are the apple cider benefits for skin?

While apple cider vinegar has innumerable health benefits, its amazing effect on the skin makes it a priceless compound.

The apple cider vinegar benefits for skin are at multilevel. From fighting acne to rejuvenating dry pale skin it, its benefits on skin are indescribable.

Apple cider vinegar benefits for skin 

Without further ado, let’s dive directly into the matter of apple cider vinegar benefits for skin:

Helps in fighting pimples and acne

Pimple and acne are problems faced by almost every soul on earth. It not only happens to women but to men too.

The emergence of a simple zit at a crucial time can ruin your day, your makeup and your appearance. So, to keep it in control, drinking ACV along with applying it on the skin can reduce the symptoms.

Pimple or acne happens due to clogged pores, harmful bacteria or excessively oil content. As one applies ACV on the skin, the acetic acid and probiotics present in it can control the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin. So, as a result, ACV prevents acne and pimples easily.

Helps in rejuvenating dry skin and age lines

As people grow old, the ability of the person’s skin to hold moisture reduces. So, this results in building age spots and fine lines on the face.

Even one who suffers from dry skin can find his skin is age prematurely making it wrinkly.

To alleviate this situation, the contribution of ACV for dry skin is unmistakable.

Drinking ACV has numerous health benefits, which, in turn, help in taking care of your skin. But the effects of ACV on the face are found most when applied directly on the skin.

When one applies ACV on the skin directly, it creates a layer over his skin. So that ACV layer protects your skin from the harmful components of your environment.

Apart from that, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids present in the ACV is highly effective in treating those age spots and fine lines of dry skin. So, ACV for dry skin is the most convenient solution that one can find.

Helps in removing dead skin cells

One of the most important effects of ACV on face includes its exfoliating prowess. As ACV is made from apple, this natural tonic contains a trace of malic acid.

One must know that this malic acid can work as an exfoliator. Malic acid helps in removing the outer layer of your skin, which is also known as the epidermis.

So, with this exfoliation, you can bid farewell to your blackheads and dead skins.

As mentioned earlier, the Alpha Hydroxyl Acids which the ACV contains also helps in removing dead skin cells. So, the inner layer comes to the surface and makes your skin rejuvenated. This makes applying ACV for glowing skin quite popular among skincare regime enthusiasts.

Works as a toner

Everyone who takes good care of their skin is not oblivious of the skincare regime of CTM before going to bed.

In CTM, C stands for cleansing, T stands for toning, and M stands for moisturizing. So in this regime, toning is the second step.

In this step, ACV can be used as a natural toner, and it is wildly popular.

One, who uses ACV as toner regularly, can obtain its numerous benefits. ACV as toner helps in minimizing the pores and also helps in preventing the pore build-ups.

ACV also has astringent properties. In other words, applying ACV on the skin increases the blood circulation on the face. It is also the reason why curing pimples and acne with ACV is common.

Apple cider vinegar benefits for skin 

Maintain the skin’s PH level

We all know the importance of maintaining the proper PH level of the skin. Balanced PH level of skin is an emblem of healthy skin. A balanced skin PH level means your skin is functioning properly.

The outer layer of your skin, also known as the epidermis, produces oil while we sleep. This oil controls your skin health, along with pimple and acne.

Now if one does not have a balanced skin PH level, the production of oil will be irregular. It will make either one’s face oilier or drier. So, apple cider vinegar benefits for skin include regulated oil production of your skin by maintaining your skin PH level.

Reduce pigmentation

Pigmentation is another skin related problem in which suffers many. ACV for skin can be the solution for them.

When your skin gets darken at certain areas forming dark spots is called pigmentation. These dark patches are also known as hyperpigmentation.

While these conditions are usually harmless, it can bring a huge dent to your appearance and beauty. These dark spots occur when the skin produces an excess amount of melanin in those spots.

ACV is popularly known for its power of reducing melanin production in the skin. In this manner, apple cider vinegar benefits for skin by reducing those awful pigmentations.

Helps in soothing the sunburn

Sunburn is very common among people.

The skin of your body produces melanin when overexposed to ultraviolet ray to protect itself.

Overexposure to the sun causes sunburn because your body fails to produce melanin rapidly as per requirement. It results in painful red skin which feels hot when touched.

ACV helps in soothing sunburn miraculously when applied with water. So, if one makes a spray bottle containing diluted ACV while going to the beach, he will not have to worry about getting sunburned.

Helps in removing warts or skin tags

Skin tags, also known as warts, are nothing but painless growth of one’s skin.

While they are benign, they are very unpleasant to look at.

One can get rid of these unpleasant skin tags simply applying ACV on that affected area regularly.

After regular application of ACV on skin warts, one will find that those growths are drying out and ultimately falling off their skin.

Has anti-inflammatory property

ACV is wildly popular as an anti-inflammatory agent. Because of this reason, ACV can be used in reducing skin irritation, itching and pain.

It also relieves bug bite sensations when applied directly on the affected area.

How to use apple cider vinegar on the skin?

After knowing in details all the apple cider vinegar benefits for skin, one will ask about the details of using ACV properly on the skin.

As mentioned earlier, ACV is only beneficial to your skin when applied in a measured amount.

Avoid excess application of ACV on your skin. Also, do not apply raw ACV directly on your skin. One needs to dilute the ACV with water.

The general proportion of this solution is one tablespoon or 20 ml of ACV with eight ounces of water. This proportion may vary depending on the skin tone and purpose of use. It is highly recommended to use diluted ACV because of its acid content.

If one uses ACV as face wash, he should dilute one tablespoon of ACV with one-fourth cup of warm water. If one is looking to use ACV as a toner, the proportion of the diluted solution would be one unit of ACV and two units of water.

Now similarly, the proportion of the ACV solution also depends on the type of one’s skin. The ACV to water ratio should be 1:1 for oily skin. In the case of normal skin, this ratio would be 1:2. Again for dry skin, the ratio will become 1:3.

Final thoughts

Now before promptly applying ACV to your skin, always remember to take a spot test. A spot test is nothing but a test for your skin’s adaptability to new products’.

Before starting using a new product to your skin, apply a small amount of it under your jawline and wait for 24 hours. If you do not find any allergic reaction or discomfort in your skin, then the product is safe to use.

Same goes for the application of ACV to your skin. But it is always safe and secure to consult your dermatologist beforehand. Your dermatologist will do a skin evaluation and will be able to advise you accordingly.

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