Best Face Wash for Dry Skin: How to Choose a Good Product?

best face wash for dry skin

At one point in time, people washed their faces with the same substance they washed their hands and bodies with. However, this was much after the invention of soap. Prior to that, people depended on substances like mud and water to wash as these were easily available, and they worked as good cleansing agents. In the earlier days, the reason to wash one’s face was to only get rid of the grime and feel refreshed. It was only a part of washing other parts of the body. As the days have passed, people have realized the worth of giving equal (or rather more) importance to the face while washing body parts. Thus, they have come up with better technology and scientific research to develop formulae for better skin cleansing agents.

The most important reason for better skin cleansing agents is that the substances that were used earlier, which included your regular bar of soap, are products that are too strong for your facial skin. The skin on your face is far too thin and sensitive for the strong chemical products. A bar of soap causes more harm than one can imagine. It makes the skin rough by eroding skin cells with every wash. More importantly, it makes the facial skin devoid of any natural oils. These are the natural oils that restore the humidity and the healthy environment that the facial skin requires to stay fit.

Why do you need a face wash for cleansing?

Most of us stay away or forget about washing our face from time to time, but it is one of the most important parts of cleansing oneself. Regular skincare is an essential part of a daily hygiene routine. It helps one not only to stay clean and disease-free but also allows your skin to breathe. Thus, one needs to wash their face with a medically approved face wash to maintain a healthy-looking and better feeling skin. However, the problem regarding face washes arises when one does not know their skin type.

Furthermore, despite knowing one’s skin type, it is difficult to narrow down to one face wash that suits their skin very well. Face washes are made up of various chemical products that one’s skin can be allergic to. As a result, it becomes very important to survey the market well before purchasing a product that is meant for a particular skin type.

In this article, we will find out which face washes suit the dry skin type. We will discuss and review a few face wash products so that our readers may know the types of best face wash for dry skin. Before that, let us find out why we should use a face wash product for dry skin.

Why people with dry skin need face wash?

No matter what your skin type may be, it is important to use a face wash to help one’s skin breathe. This is especially important when you are about to go to bed. Most women follow a meticulous skincare routine right before going to bed. The single most important reason to wash one’s face irrespective of the skin type is that most of the dust, grime, and oil that build up throughout the day can settle on the face, causing break-outs pimples rashes.

Another reason to use a mild face wash in one’s skincare routine is to wash away the makeup products and other external body creams so that they do not clog the skin pores. Blockage of the skin pores can lead to inflammation of their openings that, in turn, lead to breakouts and blackheads. Find out how to choose the best face wash for dry skin and blackheads as well!

A bar of soap or strong detergents can often strip the skin of its essential oils that work to moisture the skin. This can lead to itchiness, dryness, inflammation, and irritation. There are many cleansers and face washes in the market that do not contain soap and are made of milder components than soaps. These face washes make sure to work gently on the skin and avoid depleting the skin’s oils. One might wonder why a dry skin type might need cleansing if it does not produce any excess oil.

Why is dry skin sensitive?

Dry skin types require cleansing to remove the dust and makeup particles. The face wash also promotes blood circulation in the facial muscles when you rub your face to lather the gel. Most people with dry facial skin tend to choose cleansers that come with light moisturizing agents. These types of face washes are the best face wash for dry skin. One with dry skin is quick to understand which cleansers do not suit them at all.

If the face wash makes your skin feel tight and extremely dry, it is not meant for you. The skin should feel fresh and tender after having used the cleansing agent. When you have a dry skin type, it is essential to avoid face washes with glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These agents tend to make the skin much more dry than usual.

sensitive skin

How to choose the best face wash for dry skin

In this list, we will mention a few points that make a particular face wash product the best face wash for dry skin types. This is to make sure that people can make their choice wisely and without much confusion. The list is also made to include a few tips and tricks for using the face wash for dry skin types.

Type of face wash

The type of face wash that one needs to buy for dry skin is quite specific. It is much better to get hold of a face cleanser that combines moisturizers with cleansers. These facial cleansers allow the skin to feel supple and smooth, which any other face washes, would trigger a series of problems like dryness, tightness, or irritation.

This sort of face washes helps certain skin types that are close to being dry to keep the pH balance and the oil content intact. The face washes that make one’s skin all the more dehydrated and dry are those that people should completely avoid. Dry skin types require cleansers that lack chemical substances that are too harsh on the skin. They are either present in small quantities or make use of chemicals that are low in concentration.

Face washes and cleansers made for dry skin require less usage of additional products as they work to restore the oil balance and clean out the pores on the skin.

Substances that you should avoid in a face wash

It is better to stay away from face washes or cleansing agents using glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These chemical components tend to make the skin all the more dry, which is a huge headache when one already has dry skin.

Choosing a mild cleanser or face wash is the first step towards avoiding harsh soaps. Apart from that, a mild face wash for dry skin should be devoid of too many chemicals, fragrance, or alcohol. Furthermore, it helps if there are no anti-bacterial properties as well as this tends to increase the chemical components of the cleanser. Another thing to avoid while buying a face wash for dry skin is to ensure that the face wash does not contain face scrub particles or external exfoliants. These exfoliants could include components like glycolic acid.  However, not all cleansers work for all people. One should check and buy the one that suits their skin the best to know the best face wash for dry skin of their type.

Avoid Exfoliants

As we mentioned earlier, exfoliants can cause more harm than do good for dry skin types. Exfoliants with face washes can never be any further good. This is so as dry skin barely produces any of its natural oil to clog the skin pores. Thus, one does not have to invest in high end and expensive exfoliants for clearer skin pores. Scrubbing and exfoliating the skin can make the condition of the skin worse. Rubbing and scrubbing irritate the skin and may even cause ruptures and rough skin. The friction that the skin may undergo leads to drier skin or worse problems. Dry skin requires utmost care as even the tiniest of agitation can cause them harm.  Try using only your hands to wash your face and avoid any harsh surface, including washcloths or scrubbers and pumice stones.

The Temperature Of Water While Washing The Face

The water temperature that you use on your face while washing it is very important for a number of reasons. Using hot water during a bath or cleansing routine works adversely as it strips the skin of its natural moisture and oils. Warm water works well as it opens up the skin’s pores, but hot water tends to damage the skin pores and the skin texture.

One should not use warm water for long durations as; in that case, warm water works the way hot water does as they get rid of the natural oils in the skin. One trick to restore moisture in dry skin is to bathe in closed showers to restore the humidity. That way, you can keep your skin soft and supple even when you use a face wash with you having dry skin.

temperate water

Use Natural Remedies If You Have To Exfoliate At All

Exfoliation may be required for dry skin but in long intervals. The exfoliation process involves removing the dead skin cells, leading to the opening of skin pores and brighter skin. Exfoliation allows the skin to breathe, generate its oils in a much easier way. The moisturizers and humidity can penetrate the skin better, allowing soft and suppleness.

Since chemical exfoliators can be extreme on the dry skin type, it is better to natural remedies such as:

  • sugar and honey mixture
  • orange peel and lemon
  • papaya
  • sugar granules with cold milk

If the exfoliation hurts at any point in time, people with dry skin should immediately refrain from using the method. Exfoliation with a harsh product can often cause irreversible changes to the skin.

Moisturiser Should Be Your Friend

Even though most face washes for dry skin contain moisturizers, it does not harm using an external moisturizer. This is to balance out the dryness that face washes may bring to the skin right after application. The key to maintaining good dry skin is to keep it moisturized at all times. One should not get rid of the natural oils at any point of time as it will lead the skin to break or crack.

The objective behind looking for the best face wash for dry skin is to ensure that your skin remains safe, protected, and healthy. One should not invest in products that contain too many chemicals at all. No matter what product one should settle down for, it must have a gentle moisturizer so that it leaves the skin moist instead of dry.


Final thoughts

Dry skin type can be difficult to maintain as regardless of what the temperature or season may be outside, the skin tends to suffer from problems that everyone faces during winter. Furthermore, dry skin is exposed to more damage as it loses its natural oils cover way too often.  Thus, to make sure that the skin remains healthy and pollution-free, one must make use of a mild face wash that restores the balance in the skin. The only way to find the best face wash for dry skin is to research well about the ingredients of a face wash and survey the market accordingly. Buy products that do not contain harsh chemicals. Besides, one must not hesitate to change their product if they feel discomfort after any of the usages.

A gentle face wash for dry skin type is the best solution to maintain good skin despite the dryness. Make sure to consider all the points in this article to land up with the best face wash for dry skin.


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