Beauty Supply Stores Near Me in Pakistan – What to Buy

Beauty Supply Stores Near Me in Pakistan - What to Buy

The beauty industry is snowballing in Pakistan with emerging makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and makeup freaks. These enthusiasts are looking for potent national and international products to meet their new demands. But the biggest question that comes up in their minds is, where do we get the authentic products? Thanks to all the first copies people tend to make these days! So, seeing an increasing demand for beauty supply near me, I thought of doing thorough research. And I have shortlisted among them some of the best places that sell authentic products. So, if you are in search of beauty supply stores near me, you are indeed in a suitable space!

Beauty supply stores near me

Nowadays, everyone likes to remain at home and shop online. But the feel and satisfaction you receive from buying a product from a store are unexplainable. So, keeping that emotion in mind, I have got some of the potent shops that you might love to visit once the pandemic is over. Until then, upgrade yourself with all the information you need to know! Check out the potent beauty supply stores near me now in Pakistan:


Lahore, commonly known as the city of lights, comes with a vast cultural heritage, history, and of course, food! However, apart from being the perfect example of a cultural hub and witness to several historical events, Lahore happens to be the hub of every new trend.

And the increasing demand for beauty supplies by makeup enthusiasts, Lahore has upgraded itself to the brim. You will find several potent shops that both national and international beauty supplies. All the products the following stores sell are trustworthy and definitely worth every Pakistani rupee. So, let us check out what are the beauty supply stores near me in Lahore:


You will find this beauty supply store to have two branches. One is in DHA, and another you will find in Gulberg. They sell all the high-end beauty products that you are looking for. Moreover, they are delivering products at your doorstep too! So, if you are stuck at home, go onto their website and order your makeup products now! I am sure you will find everything you are looking for!

Enem Mall

Another mall that can serve your purpose is Enem Mall. They home both international and national makeup products to cater to all your requirements. The mall is present in DHA and Liberty, Lahore.

Roop Singhar

If you are looking for excellent beauty supply stores near me, Roop Singhar is another potent one. You will find the shop on Noor Jehan Road that is in Gulberg. But always be careful about which product you are getting yourself when at this store, as they sell dupes as well!


Another among the luxury stores that sell potent fragrances, cosmetics, and skincare products is Scentsation. You will find them having around 13 stores available in the entire of Pakistan. And two of them are situated in Vogue Towers, Gulberg, and another is in the Mall of Lahore.

Makeup City

As the name suggests, Makeup City is one of the best beauty supply stores near me. You have to name the product, and they will be available for you. Not only do they keep big international brands, but they are a seller of national brands too. You will find them located in several parts of Lahore city.

She Cosmetics

Another beauty store near me is She Cosmetics. They sell some great products that can cater to every makeup enthusiast’s needs. You can consider She cosmetics as the best hair supply stores near me too! They are retailers of some of the reputed brands that you must try out. And if you are wondering where in Lahore, let me tell you will find She Cosmetics in Township!


Apart from its scenic beauty, the people of Islamabad are keen on their outer looks as well. They are extremely conscious about their beauty supplies and indeed want to keep up with the ongoing trend. And to meet the expectations and desires of all makeup enthusiasts, some stores sell potent products. Check out a few beauty supply stores near me in Islamabad:

Shams Express

You will find Shams Express to be present in the F-6 supermarket. They happen to cater to your international and national makeup product requirements. So, if you are in Islamabad, don’t miss out on this shop!

Shaheen Cosmetics

Shaheen Cosmetics seems to have branches all over the city of Islamabad. They have around five branches – one in Banni Chowk, one in G-8 Markaz, one in F-6, and two around the Blue Area. All of these branches have dedicated an entire section towards selling cosmetic products. So, if you want some, you can always visit this beauty supply store.

beauty supply stores near me


Are you wondering we have mixed up the stores? Well, no! Sensation is present in Islamabad as well. You will find the stores at Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall. Both are potent shops that keep a wide variety of beauty supplies.


How can the largest city present in Pakistan not have some promising beauty supply stores? Well, yes, they do, and they are indeed not just one! You will find all the stores below having a variety of great products for your skin and hair. Moreover, they happen to sell international and national products both! So, let us check them out below:

Agha’s Supermarket

You will find the Agha’s Supermarket to be in Clifton Karachi. It is among the biggest stores that sell makeup products in Pakistan. So, if you happen to look for beauty supply stores near me in Karachi, don’t miss out on Agha’s Supermarket!

Naheed Super Store

You will find the Naheed Super Store to be present right on Shaheed-e-Millat Road. And of course, it goes without saying that the store sells all the top brand products.


Sentsation is present in Karachi as well. You will find them in several places across the city. Some of the places in Karachi you can find are Nueplex- The place, Dolmen Mall Hyderi, Domen Mall Tariq Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Park Towers, and Dolmen Mall Clifton. And it is investable with all the information I have given above about Scentasation that you have to name the product and they will indeed have it.

Makeup City

Karachi also has Makeup City present in their city. More so, they have opened more outlets in Atrium, Luckyone Mall, and Hyderi. However, the places where Makeup City was present initially were Ocean Mall Clifton and Dolmen Mall Tariq Road.

Top international beauty supply brands in Pakistan

Now that I have given you a vivid idea about where you can find the best beauty supply near me in Pakistan, I thought of giving a glimpse of the international products. Go through the list below, and you will see how the Pakistani market loves using the international beauty supply brands. Check out the brands below:


Anyone who has the slightest fascination with makeup and beauty supplies will not be unaware of the brand ‘Mac.’ Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan were the establishers of this super famous brand – Macintosh. And it is needless to say that the Pakistani beauty industry is head over heels for the products Mac sells. And of course, Mac sells products keeping in mind the requirements of all their customers.


Another international brand that has made it to my list is Revlon. They sell not only great lipsticks but also other beauty items. Moreover, the brand has kept up to all its promises and proves its potentiality over the years. Apart from its quality, Revlon keeps its prices at a range where people can afford them. So, if you are looking for great budget-friendly products, Revlon can be one of your choices.


One of Estee Lauder’s successful subsidiaries is Clinique. It is a brand that famous dermatologists across the globe approve of. They offer a variety of products that can suit multiple skin types. Once people start using this brand for their skin, they don’t switch to any other product. And it is no different for people living in Pakistan. I have seen people choose the products Clinique sells over many other products that sell in Pakistan.


When you are looking for a hair supply store near me, then you must be keen to know a potential hair product as well. And one of the international brands you can try for your hair is L’Oreal. It can give your hair fullness, luster, and volume.

Urban Decay

One of America’s leading beauty supply brands, Urban Decay, happens to be a favorite of several Pakistanis. It established itself in the year 1996. And it has some valuable items to offer to the makeup industry. They offer discounts for a limited time frame, for its best to keep an eye to avail of yours. However, if you can spare some money and invest in your beauty supplies, you can never go wrong with Urban Decay.


Another American brand that is a favorite to most Pakistani makeup enthusiasts is Glamor girl. The company produces some extraordinary products that will make you go back to them for more. And, of course, the variety of shades they offer in lipsticks, nail paints, eyeshadows, and eye pencils are exuberant.

Top Pakistani beauty supply brands

The Pakistanis are keeping up with the international market with their potent beauty supplies. So, while I was informing you about where to go shopping for beauty supplies, I thought of giving you an idea about Pakistani products. So, here is a list of some national cosmetic products that have immense potential and are gaining popularity in the market. Check them out below:

Luscious Cosmetics

Over the years, with promising products, Luscious Cosmetics is gaining popularity in the Pakistani market. They happen to offer a variety of products that are of high quality and are indeed cost-effective.

Moreover, the products Luscious Cosmetics sells are vegan and cruelty-free. So, you can be sure that the product you are using has not harmed the environment in any way.! Also, makeup enthusiasts love the wide range of shades this company offers. So, if you are keen on using a national product, you can try out Luscious Cosmetics!


Pakistani women vouch for the range of lipsticks when it comes to Medora. It has its base in Swat – Pakistan. And they indeed produce a vast variety of semi-matte, glossy and ultra-matte lipsticks. They are extremely comfortable to use and are available at a meager price. More so, some makeup bloggers also find it hard to differentiate between a Medora and Mac lipstick.

Christine Cosmetics

I must say that Pakistani women are incredibly opinionated about the brand of makeup they use. But when it comes to a national product and the brand is Christine Cosmetics, they are under one roof.

The company offers a wide range of products that every woman loves to add to their beauty supply collection. And, of course, the formulation they sell is smooth and keeps the makeup intact for the day. When a brand can promise that much to a woman, why won’t it be at the top of their list? So, get yourself some Christine Cosmetics products, and soon you’ll be a fan of them as well!

Masarrat Misbah

What makes Masarrat Misbah stand out is her courage and determination to produce a brand and launch it successfully in the makeup industry. She has successfully named the makeup brand after her and produced some extraordinary products that every woman in Pakistan loves. Moreover, she has kept in mind the skin tone of Asians and made the pallets of foundations, primer, concealers, and more excellent. So, if you haven’t yet tried out any of the products of this wonder-woman, then you must not wait any longer.

Final Thoughts

This brings me to the end of all the beauty stores near me and some potent international and national products. I hope all the information I have curated above will be of immense help to you. And if you are already using any one of the brands I have mentioned above, don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below!

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