Food for Hair Growth and Thickness for Nourishing Hair From Within

Food for Hair Growth and Thickness for Nourishing Hair From Within

Hair loss is a common problem that every individual faces nowadays. Apart from the increasing pollution, improper lifestyle and certain food habits contribute to hair fall. So, if you are also facing similar problems, then start scrolling down! We tell you what the perfect food for hair growth and thickness is! Apart from knowing the correct food for hair growth and thickness you should consume, we have come up with a diet chart for hair growth too! Start scrolling down to know the secret behind shiny, thick tresses!

Nutrients for good hair growth

Consuming the right food for hair growth and thickness is necessary. However, many other factors affect hair fall or growth. Problems like genetics, age, health, diet, lack of nutrition, medications, hormonal problem, pregnancy, thyroid disorder, anemia, PCOS, PCOD, skin conditions, physical trauma can lead to dramatic hair loss.

Among all these, foods are one of the biggest reasons for thinning of hair. So consuming the right food for hair growth and thickness is highly essential. However, before getting into the

details about what the diet chart for hair growth should contain, let us check out the nutrients and minerals it contains. Here are the following:


Your hair is primarily made of a protein called keratin which is required for hair growth.


If you want to know the perfect food for hair growth and thickness, you must consume iron. More so, if your diet lacks oxygen, iron, and appropriate nutrients that run through your blood and does not reach your hair, you are bound to get hair fall.

Vitamin C

Amidst the adsorption of iron, vitamin C and antioxidant in food are crucial for collagen synthesis.

Food for Hair Growth and Thickness

All B vitamins

B12, B5, biotin, and B6 are essential for hair growth. It boosts your hair’s elasticity. More so, it makes your hair stronger and helps in growth.

Vitamin A

Your body requires vitamin A to produce sebum. All of which makes it grow stronger and silkier.

Vitamin E

When looking for the perfect food for hair growth and thickness, don’t miss out on vitamin E. It gives protection to your hair.

Vitamin D

Also, vitamin D makes the hair follicles highly sensitive and plays an essential role in hormonal growth. It also plays a vital function in cell growth, immune regulations, and calcium homeostasis.


Your diet chart for hair growth must contain minerals like zinc because it balances your hair’s sebum.


Your hair requires sulfur to help hold the keratin.


You require silica for the production of collagen. Other essential minerals are selenium, magnesium, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids.

Foods that cause hair loss

Hair carries the look of one’s outer beauty, so losing hair can affect your overall look and lower your self-esteem. All of which will lead you to avoid social gatherings. Before knowing the proper food for hair growth and thickness, let us know what to avoid.

The cause of hair loss is due to many reasons, including stress, applying too many hair care products that have chemicals, bad health, etc. Other than this, there are some foods that can also cause hair loss. So, let us check out what are the foods that cause hair loss:

Junk foods

Eating fast foods and oily fried junk foods can trigger hair loss. You will find those foods not to cook in good oil, and their ingredients can harm your health. All of which can contribute to hair fall.


Usually, tea and coffee contain caffeine.  The primary purpose of having caffeine is to avoid sleep and acquire energy. So when you sleep less, it can trigger your hair to fall.

Sugar-free foods

Many people nowadays avoid foods with sugar and go for sugar-free foods. But these foods are made of artificial sugar, which is more harmful than sugar. And also add to one of the reasons for hair fall.

Packaged food

Most of the packaged foods contain preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. These ingredients are present to allow the packaged food to last long and remain fresh. But these preservatives are harmful to your hair and scalp.

Refined foods

Having refined foods can also affect your health and thereby becomes the reason for your hair fall. Some of the commonly eaten refined foods are white bread, pastries, etc.

Consuming excessive amounts of vitamin A

If you over-consume foods rich in vitamin A, it can lead to hair loss problems. So you must be aware of the percentage of vitamin A to consume.

If you have already consumed higher levels of vitamin A before, it will cause your hair to fall. But if you flush out the excessive vitamin A compound away from your body, then your hair growth will be back.

Eating unhygienic food

When you are prone to eat fast foods, check how hygienic they are first. That is because street foods generally affect your digestive and immune system.

As the effect of any diseases and medicine can result in hair fall, you can avoid these unhygienic foods to keep your hair healthy.

If you are aware of reducing or avoiding these hair loss-causing foods, also remember to add foods that help strengthen your hair’s nutrients to prevent hair loss.

Food for hair growth and thickness

As you get older, the thickness of your hair will get lesser. You will notice your scalp getting visible, gradually decreasing your volume. But if you consume nutrition-rich food for hair growth and thickness, you can keep your healthy hair

intact. Here we have made a list of nonvegetarian and vegetarian food for hair growth and thickness:


It is one of the most nutritious green vegetables. The iron-rich content in spinach and sebum acts as a natural conditioner for your hair. The powerful antioxidants, catechins, and flavonoids compounds help prevent the harmful chemicals of free radicals.

The leafy green also provides omega three fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. Spinach is a food that makes its way to every cuisine, including Indian food for healthy hair. So, consume proper amounts of spinach to help your hair grow

healthy and beautiful.

Food for Hair Growth and Thickness


Consuming eggs are packed with B vitamins, also known as biotin. It helps hair growth and strengthens your hair from roots. Not only great for your hair, but eggs also support weight loss which will also trigger healthy hair.

Yogurt or curd

Be it yogurt or curd. Both are good resources of vitamin B5. It helps to enhance your blood flow, thereby enhancing your hair growth.


If you add cinnamon into your food, it will help you to improve your blood circulation. It gives your hair follicles the needed nutrients, makes your hair stronger, and prevents it from falling.


Researchers have tested that women who consume supplements containing vitamin C had significant results in hair growth. And guava is rich in vitamin C. So consuming one guava has resulted in good for people with hair thinning problems. People facing hair thinning can get the best results by eating one guava daily. It works 4 to 5 times better than an orange.


Sun may damage your scalp, which makes the hair too thin. Vitamin E has antioxidants that protect hair from UV light and repair your scalp.

Barley gives you tocotrienols or other vitamin E, which was used on a group of hair loss patients, and the group got the best results in the growth of hair.

Sweet potatoes

You can get a high level of beta carotene in sweet potatoes that keeps your hair healthy and silky. This compound is converted into VA, which has a close link with good hair health. One sweet potato can complete the percentage of vitamin A that you need in one day.

And vitamin A produces sebum. Sebum is known for keeping hair silky and healthy. It boosts the growth of your hair and encourages your hair to be fuller and thicker, and protects your hair follicles.

Food for Hair Growth and Thickness


Nuts contain an essential oil that helps restore your hair’s elasticity, keeps your hair bouncy, and prevents hair breakage. You can get all types of B vitamins, fatty acids, and zinc which is essential for hair in nuts. Deficiency of any of the above nutrients is linked with hair fall.

Pistachio helps men recover from male pattern baldness. And cashews contain biotin, almonds, and walnuts also possess oils that help in increasing your hair elastin.

Nuts are full of nutrients that are important to grow hair and give overall hair benefits.

Citrus fruits

Your body requires vitamin C, iron, antioxidants; therefore, you need to add citrus food to your diet. Vitamin C affects collagen production.

Citrus fruits are also rich in antioxidants. Lemon, lime, oranges are examples of citrus fruits. So, make sure to have one of these fruits daily.


Mushrooms have copper peptides which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to enhance the quantity of hair follicle growth to prevent dry, cracked, itchy red skin and hair scalp.

Copper peptides are generally used on the scalp for treatments; thus, they can be found in hair tonics for providing overall scalp and hair treatment.

Diet chart for hair growth

If you face hair loss or thinning problems, you need to ensure that your diet is first taken care of well and has the proper food for hair growth and thickness. In order to supply an essential source of nutrients for your hair follicles and scalp, you need to maintain an appropriate diet chart for hair growth. So, check out the list below; we have given you an idea about how your diet chart may look:

Morning drink

It would be best if you had a morning drink on an empty stomach that can be a glass of plain warm water or squeeze the lemon juice into it to detoxify.

Then you can have nuts and seeds. Soak the nuts overnight in water, then in the morning have it. You can have walnuts or almonds like nuts to maintain the elasticity of your hair and make it silky.


Have an adequate amount of protein, biotin, antioxidants, fiber for your hair in breakfast.

You can have boiled eggs that are high in protein and biotin or oats which are also high in biotin and fiber. It will help you in digestion which will result in shining hair.

Additionally, you can have milk which has protein, or pineapple juice which has antioxidant and high in vitamin C. Otherwise; you can also have pomegranate juice which increases blood circulation in your body and scalp too.


For lunch, have a full plate of cooked vegetables full of vitamins, minerals, and needed carbs to grow and the thickness of your hair.

You can have spinach, as it has a lot of compounds that are beneficial for your hair. Also, you can have yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, or capsicum with rich vitamin E properties that nourish your scalp, moisturize it, and make the scalp strong.

Plus, you can also add tomato soup which has vitamin C and vitamin A. It also boosts your health and even strengthens your hair.

With these vegetables, you can have some cooked brown rice or multigrain bread as these will fill up your daily need for carbohydrates for your hair and give minerals to your scalp.

Tomatoes for hair


It is essential to intake some fruits after lunch to detoxify your scalp and add shine to your hair. You can have any juicy, citrus, or iron-rich fruits at this time.

If you don’t have the time to chew any fruits, then you can make a smoothie and take the vitamins and minerals from it. Don’t forget to add banana in your fruit or smoothie as it’s iron; biotin is something that you cannot miss for your hair growth and hair fall control.


This is the most vital part of your whole day diet because this is when people tend to have junk food, oily food that is bad for your hair. Some people even don’t like to eat anything at this time.

If you want to eat something at this time, you can have something like curd, yogurt, or buttermilk which is not much oily, and the food which helps in digestion.


Lastly, at dinner, you should eat light and not consume any carbohydrates, which is not easily digestive. You can have foods with little omega-3 fatty acids at night and avoid having heavy vitamins or minerals.

Final thoughts

When you are facing hair fall and thinning problems, you need to take care of your diet. And with the vast list above, it should not be difficult to choose the right and perfect food for hair growth and thickness. But also remember that water plays a vital role in keeping your hair healthy. So drink plenty of water daily for your hair growth and thickness.

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