How to Remove Dark Spots Caused by Pimples Mark?

How to Remove Dark Spots Caused by Pimples?

Getting super clear and soft skin is a desire that hardly anyone can deny having. It is such a strong desire that companies worldwide are trying to make the best product to give your skin the desired look. But surprisingly, the key to spotless skin depends primarily on the food you consume and the lifestyle you follow. Well, it may sound out of the box, but it is true. So, today we will tell you how to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally. And some tips that will help you limit the chances of these occurrences in the first place. So, read ahead if you wish to know the secret to beautiful and flawless skin!

How to Remove Dark Spots Caused by Pimples?

What to eat to remove dark spots on face?

Your skin is the clear mirror of your internal health. Whatever junk or good food you consume will directly leave an impact on your skin. So, to get healthy skin and remove dark spots caused by pimples, it is vital to consume the right foods.

Here is a list that will tell you what to eat to remove dark spots on face:

​Lemon water with honey

Lemon water has immense power to detoxify your body and flush out the toxins present in it. Moreover, the vitamin C and antioxidants contents boost the collagen synthesis of your skin.

Consuming this beverage daily can bring about your skin’s natural radiance and remove any existing spots.

Honey is another ingredient that contributes to giving you healthy and beautiful skin. The combination of citric acid and antioxidants works like a bleaching agent on your skin. And this helps to remove dark spots caused by pimples.

​Licorice root

Licorice root has magical effects when it comes to your skin. You can opt for a topical application or even drink a cup of its tea to avail yourself of its skin benefits.

The active compound known as glabrdin contains skin-lightening properties. Furthermore, it helps in preventing tanning and giving your skin a dark and dull look.

Aloe vera juice

There is hardly anyone who is unaware of the aloe vera gel benefits. The loads of nutrients this gel contains are massive. Some of the nutrients it contains are vitamin B, E, C, and A – all of which are great for your health overall.

Also, the presence of amino acids makes aloe vera gel extremely good for your skin. It nourishes your skin and keeps it healthy and glowing.

You can drink aloe vera juice, get rid of dark spots, and reduce its occurrence. Apart from that, you can also try to apply aloe vera gel to remove pigmentation.

Benefits of Aloe Vera on Face Overnight


Papaya contains several minerals and enzymes. Consuming this daily or applying it to your face can reduce the chances of discoloration.

Moreover, the antioxidants nourish your body from within, which leaves a great effect on your skin. So, start consuming papaya and get flawless skin in no time.


Green tea

Green tea is one of the super teas that can provide you with several health benefits. The tea has plenty of antioxidants that can nourish your body from within and help you eradicate the chances of several illnesses.

Also, this tea has the capability to provide you with a natural glow. So, you can use this as an external skin remedy as well. It will hydrate your skin and keep it glowing.

Raw potato

If you are looking for ways how to remove dark skin spots caused by pimples, then raw potato can be a great solution. You can remove freckles, dark spots, suntan, and acne by applying this.

Additionally, you can consume potatoes to remove pigmentation from your skin. The presence of vitamin C and potassium in potatoes supplies you with this benefit.


The second food that you can include in your diet to nourish yourself is tomatoes. It contains super nutrients that can remove the chances of pigmentation and even treat dark spots.

Tomatoes are so versatile that you can add them into your soups, salads, stews, juices, and more. Also, you can place a slice of tomatoes to treat tan. It acts as a great face mask if you mix tomatoes with gram four and lemon juice.


Buttermilk contains lactic acid that can easily treat your gut health, which can further keep your skin healthy. You can consume this to avail yourself of loads of nutrients present in yogurt.

Furthermore, you can topically apply this on your skin to make your skin smooth and remove any dead skin that might be present.

How to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally?

Now that you know what to eat to remove dark spots on skin, let us check out some natural remedies lying in your kitchen. All the home remedies are easy to do and can treat your skin in no time.

Let us check out how you can use these to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally:

Orange peel powder

A Japanese study showed that orange peels could treat melanogenesis. Wondering what melanogenesis is?

Well, it is a process in which melanin accumulation occurs. So, you can conclude that orange peel can remove blemishes and acne spots as well.

Now you know how useful this remedy is! Let us check out what you need to do!


  • Orange peel powder – one teaspoon
  • Honey – one teaspoon

How to try out this remedy?

  • Take a bowl and mix the orange peel powder and honey. Let it become a thick paste.
  • Take the paste on the pimple scars and acne marks.
  • Allow the paste to dry.
  • Then, wash it off with tap water and pat dry.

How frequently should you try the remedy?

Try this out a maximum of three to four times a week.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been in use for centuries to treat skin problems. Its antibacterial properties help reduce acne and also removes dark spots. Moreover, even several types of research support this fact.

So, let us check out how to use this!


Coconut oil – one teaspoon

How to  try out this remedy?

  • Take the coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl and warm it for a few seconds.
  • Then, take some in your palms and apply it to your face.
  • Leave it on overnight and wash it off the following day.

How frequently should you try the remedy?

You can try out this remedy every day at night.

Disclaimer: It is best you do not use this remedy if your skin is oily. The coconut oil application may further clog the pores and make your acne worse.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great essential oil that can remove acne blemishes. In addition, the antimicrobial properties present in this oil can even eradicate the chance of pimples.

But you must keep in mind that this remedy does not have any evidential studies that can prove the effectiveness of this tea tree oil. However, it is safe for anyone to apply topically.

Let us check what you need to do!


  • Tea tree essential – two to three drops
  • Coconut, jojoba, or almond oil

How to try out this remedy?

  • Take the carrier oil and add the recommended amount of tea tree oil
  • Locate your scar marks and apply the mixture.
  • Allow the mixture oil to remain on your scar marks for about one hour. Then wash it off.
  • Use a towel to pat the skin dry.

How frequently should you try the remedy?

You can try out this remedy at least once a day. Gradually it will remove dark spots caused by pimples.

Disclaimer: You can try out a patch test. It will help you know if this essential oil suits your skin. This is because many people get skin irritation with this oil application.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can work wonders for your health overall. For example, the vitamin C content in lemons can work as an anti-pigmentation solution. So, it can easily get rid of blemishes, pimple marks and even helps in fading out acne scars.


  • Lemon juice – juice from half a lemon
  • Cotton balls or pad

How to try out this remedy?

  • Take half a lemon and take out the juice. You can use a squeezer or simply your fingers to take it out.
  • Dip the cotton balls into the juice.
  • Then apply it to the places you have dark spots.
  • Leave it on for around 10 minutes, and then wash it off using tap water.
  • Take a soft towel to pat dry.

How to Remove Dark Spots Caused by Pimples?

How frequently should you try the remedy?

Trying this remedy out around three to four times in one week can work well.

Disclaimer:  Always try out a patch test before you apply lemon juice. It will help you recognize whether you have any allergies or not. Also, it is advisable to apply sunscreen once you finish trying out this remedy. This is because lemon juice has the power to make the skin photosensitive.


There is hardly any household that does not have turmeric in their kitchen. It is one of the most essential and common ingredients that everyone uses.

It not only helps in enhancing the taste of your food but also supplies you with several health benefits. The presence of curcumin in turmeric is responsible for many of its benefits.

You can treat alopecia, psoriasis, acne, and many more skin problems by using turmeric. Even though the studies are constricted in this regard, people have been using this remedy for many years now. So, if you also wish to try out this remedy, here’s a vivid description below!


  • Turmeric powder – one teaspoon
  • Lemon juice – juice from one lemon

How to try out this remedy?

  • Take out the lemon juice in one bowl. Then, add the turmeric powder to it.
  • Use a spoon to mix it into a thick paste. Make sure it has no lumps.
  • Then use your fingers and apply the paste on the dark spots and all your affected areas.
  • Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. Then, use tap water and wash your face. Use a soft towel to soak the water. Make sure you do not rub your face.

How frequently should you try the remedy?

Try this out every second day and see your marks vanish easily.

Disclaimer: In case your skin is sensitive, then avoid doing this remedy. It may lead to irritation and redness. Also, it is advisable to do a patch test before you use this remedy regularly.

Dark spots on face removal tips

As you now know how to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally using foods and natural remedies, here are some dark spots on face removal tips. Check them out below:

Continue maintaining skin hygiene

  • Always wash your face using a face wash a minimum of two times in a day. You can use lukewarm water to remove sweat, oil, and excess dirt.
  • Do not rub your face with a rough cloth or towel. Instead, try to use a soft cotton cloth or towel.
  • Avoid touching your face repeatedly
  • Keep your hair washed. Also, tie it up to avoid it touching your face.

Avoid using heavy makeup

  • Try to use branded cosmetics.
  • Do not use heavy makeup on your face.
  • In case you use heavy makeup, make sure you are using a branded toner, cleanser, face wash, and other remedies to compensate for the damage caused.
  • Also, if you are using makeup to out during the day, check if the products have a higher SPF.

Use a good sunscreen

  • Check the SPF of the sunscreen. Try to use a higher SPF to avoid your skin being exposed to UV rays.
  • Always speak to your dermatologist to take the sunscreen that suits your skin.
  • Repeat using a layer of your sunscreen every four hours.
  • Wait for a few minutes after you use your sunscreen and then go out in the sun.

Avoid picking the pimples

  • Always wash your hands before touching your face.
  • Do not pick or scratch your blackheads
  • Do not pop the pimples.
  • Also, do scratch your pimples as it may leave scars and darken the spots

Ensure a healthy lifestyle

  • For hydration, drink plenty of water and juices.
  • Include your diet with foods that contain loads of nutrients and have high water content.
  • Always have fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid having packaged and preserved food items.
  • Exercising, meditation and yoga can help in reducing stress and also give you a healthy body. Try to keep away from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our article today, we are sure you know how to remove dark spots caused by pimples naturally. So, try out these remedies but always remember to try out a patch test before you put it on your skin. And if you see no eruptions, you are good to go! Also, don’t forget to keep in mind the tips we have given you!

Always remember the key to healthy skin depends primarily on what you consume and how you lead your life!

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