London Beauty Queen Skincare Secrets Revealed

London Beauty Queen

London Beauty Queen, AKA Hayley Carr, is a fashion editor and beauty blogger. She’s one of the industry’s most knowledgeable and excellent content creators. Additionally, she acts as a brand manager for London Beauty Queen Cosmetics.

As a result, millions of people follow her for the best beauty and skincare advice. One of the primary reasons why London Beauty Queen, AKA Hayley Carr, is so famous is because her audience can easily relate to the content she creates. For example, she tells people what cosmetics suit everyday skincare regimes.

From her realistic blogs, we get to know whether or not a particular cosmetic or brand is worth the investment. It makes her one of the most remarkable fashion and beauty influencers.

Hayley started blogging back in April 2010. Initially, it was just a hobby that she nurtured, which eventually grew into London Beauty Queen, a more meaningful venture.

In 2013, she received the award for Best Beauty Blogger from P&G Beauty and Grooming. Moreover, before that, she became the Best Blogger by the Rodial Beautiful Awards. The fashionista and Blogger is now part of the jury for several beauty competitions, including the British Hairdresser Awards.

The famous London Beauty Queen is now winning hearts as a full-time Blogger, apart from being a public speaker and a social media strategist.

London Beauty Queen answers some of the most trending questions

Here is a list of questions that London Beauty Queen Hayley Carr answers in an interview:

Is there a favorite beauty product or tip you want to share as a beauty insider?

According to ondon Beauty Queen, long-term stress can be avoided by carefully cleansing your skin every morning and evening. In addition, maintaining the canvas (your skin) will improve paint performance.

Therefore, your makeup will always appear better when you do it over a level and healthy base. The Blogger suggests using a lovely cleansing balm and a warm, fresh flannel before bed. Besides, it takes less time and is 100 times more effective than using a face wipe.

London Beauty Queen

What remedies do you consider to be the most effective for blemishes and spots?

The focus should be on prevention rather than treatment. The charcoal cleanser from Biore helps pull out impurities and leaves skin feeling wonderful, states London Beauty Queen. In addition, the damage that results from excess (alcohol, late nights, sugar) is almost always curable.

You will have to resort to a particular target spot treatment for the same. Moreover, a weekly masque will help minimize this damage. Considering they don’t harm the skin surrounding the affected region, Clinique and Indemne are the two spot treatments Hayley Carr prefers.

Botox: Should I Get It?

Most individuals no longer need to use botox since they can invest in excellent skin care. Additionally, London Beauty Queen suggests going to a facialist because technology is now far more advance.

Botox creates the unsettling appearance of a frozen face. However, a superb facial will leave you looking gorgeous but modest. Besides, avoiding needs is what she prefers to be able to age more naturally.

What do you consider one of a man’s worst grooming errors?

Going over the top is the answer! According to Carr, no female wants to stand next to a guy who has spent more time and money on his appearance than she has. However, you’ll look and smell effortlessly cool if you use a pea-sized moisturizer, a light spritz of fragrance, and a small amount of hair styling crème.

Which grooming advice, in your opinion, helps men feel more confident?

Like with women, having flawless skin is the first step to feeling and looking fabulous. Moreover, a light moisturizer will assist target dry, dull, and uneven areas while imparting radiance. So, the rest will follow if you take care of the base. Besides, it will make your beard look nicer and lessen the visibility of dark circles.

Which of these services—fake tan, tinted eyelashes, or threading—is appropriate for men?

According to London Beauty Queen, everything is acceptable as long as it improves a person’s mood! So, you’re fine if you don’t over-tan or color your brows like Bobby from TOWIE. Besides, beauty is about improving your natural glow and elevating your self-esteem.

Which product, out of all the ones you receive as a top blogger and evaluate, do you think is worth splurging on?

According to London Beauty Queen, it is the foundation for a lady. So investing in a base that will serve you well and give you confidence that money can’t buy is worthwhile. Moreover, the skincare expert Carr suggests Clinique, Bare Minerals, and Clarins.

It’s an excellent moisturizer for men. Taking good care of your skin will pay off in the coming years. Therefore, searching for focused skincare that is light and fights free radicals is essential. Some fantastic products are available because it’s becoming more typical for men to spend as much on their skincare regimen as women do.

London Beauty Queen

Do you believe that social media are impacting guys’ connections with their appearance? How, if so?

London Beauty Queen, AKA Hayley Carr, states that everyone is a little more self-obsessed now. Of course, the primary reason is the ongoing trend of posting images and selfies on social media. However, she believes that the problem is the same irrespective of gender.

Although it’s expected to desire to appear well in pictures, the emergence of social media is making everyone excessively self-conscious. But unfortunately, we live in an image-driven culture.

Therefore in Hayley’s opinion, the relationship between our physical appearance and how we process information and portray ourselves hasn’t changed.

Are you of the opinion that there is a “London” appearance for men’s grooming?

According to Hayley Carr, London is so diverse that a single appearance cannot sum it up. Being able to be anyone you want without drawing attention to yourself is one of the best things about capital.

The hipster crowd, the growing beard community, and The Clapham set are just a few examples. However, it would help if you believed that you could be whoever you wanted, and everything would work out.

What perfume do you like best on men and yourself?

Blogger London Beauty Queen adores it when a man exudes a musky, strong, and woodsy perfume. Even though many beautiful perfumes are available on the main street, she prefers it when a man smells a little different or has purchased a scent from a small shop.

Do you use any men’s items yourself? Or have you ever let the guys in your life borrow anything from you?

Although she does not use any products for male grooming, Hayley’s partner frequently uses her skincare and spot treatments, according to the statement! Moreover, she jokingly reveals that he relies on Carr’s stockpile because there are many items to pick from to satisfy his needs.

Secrets of  London Beauty Queen

Being an influencer, here are some top revelations Hayley Carr has made. All of these are not just about maintaining your skin or beauty. Instead, these beliefs will change your perspective and view towards life.

Embrace and be proud of your authentic self

According to London Beauty Queen, selfies are a requirement of her job. However, she focuses on getting a good shot rather than faultless perfection. She states that actual people with real weaknesses are more relatable.

For example, you may pose well, but it’s a great hair day or a gorgeous lipstick that makes a person feel at their best. Therefore, you must be proud of all your imperfections instead of relying on Instagram filters.

Enjoy your sleep

You may already know about the benefits of good sleep. If you don’t get a decent night’s sleep the next day, you will notice a puff on your face, especially under the eyes. Therefore, you should go to bed early, giving yourself plenty of time.

You can try this works pillow spray by spraying the liquid lightly on the cushions and pillow. It is most likely to help you sleep well. Moreover, earplugs work well for some people. However, the others find it very difficult to fall asleep due to the sound.

Fond childhood memories have shaped her personality

She recalls how even as a child, she was very particular about her skincare regime. Hayley Carr recalls one of her earliest memories of putting on bright pink lipstick and matching it with sparkly blue eyeliner.

A part of the credit for such creativity goes to the fact that she used to perform a lot on stage. She also recalls how she has constantly learned and discovered so much from her mother’s dresser. It was full of different bottles of perfumes, cosmetics, and moisturizers.

Over the years, her beauty regime has become considerably more extensive. However, one thing that has not changed is that skin care is still a vital part of her life. Two of the things that she never forgets to do at night are to clean her face and remove her makeup. Moreover, she swears by a moisturizer to keep her skin supple and hydrated.

Lines are beautiful

Your skin’s texture will undoubtedly change over time; eventually, late nights and early mornings will be visible on your face. However, there is nothing to worry about because the fine lines and dark circles are nothing but badges of honor. They are proof that you enjoy an active and happy lifestyle.

Instead of stressing yourself out, you should worry about keeping your skin healthier. Moreover, it is best to accept the changes in your skin as you age. Of course, a spot appearing on your face is not the end of the world.

Therefore, you need to stop thinking about these minor changes. Moreover, it is essential to note that cakey makeup to create a younger look is not something that will elevate your look. Instead, focusing on the enhancement of your natural glow is what you should do.

London Beauty Queen recommends hyaluronic

It would help if you embraced the changes that aging offers. However, it is equally essential to delay it as much as possible. An intense skincare routine and excellent products are more crucial than ever.

So, you should constantly search for new developments and compounds with high concentrations. That is why Hayley Carr appreciates and recommends the high hyaluronic acid content of L’Oréal’s Filler Renew.

Wisdom and understanding increase with age

Hayley reveals her presence in the beauty business for more than ten years. It has been an incredible learning experience for her. Moreover, she is trying to promote products that are beyond marketing gimmicks. Instead, she only believes in products that have undergone scientific research and come out with positive results.

The beauty blogger is a go-getter and believes she enjoys a high career phase but has yet to reach its peak. She still has a constant urge to learn new things. It goes beyond her professional requirement, and you can term it as a personal desire to gain more knowledge.

London Beauty Queen Hayley Carr is confident about her industry skills and knowledge. However, she believes it is just the beginning of her learning phase and that it should not stop, irrespective of her age.

Your skin’s best friend is water

Water consumption always appears on your face. Therefore, you should try to drink lemon water in the morning and herbal teas and iced beverages in the afternoon instead of coffee. It all comes down to being hydrated, both externally and internally.

temperate water

Final thoughts

The world is now talking so much about unrealistic beauty standards. Over the years, several people have become victims of stereotypical beauty norms, and it is time to break through the shackles. London Beauty Queen Hayley Carr is one of the flagbearers of this revolution. All that she says works as motivation for millions of people globally. She is undoubtedly a ‘QUEEN’ that deserves applause for encouraging people to love themselves!

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